PODCAST: Longtown Sound 1334 Weekend Power Hour


Beatrice Russo was featured on the Longtown Sound 1334 Weekend Power Hour.

The podcast also featured: Hiding in Public, Jen Foster, Holly Williams, Brooke Waggoner, The Silver Snails, Jeff Clark, Liza Anne, Mike Whitney, Michelle Featherstone, Phil Ayoub, Downtown Money Wasters, Worlds Best Band KLII, Rabble Rousers, Severin Browne and Doc Roberts.

Check it out here.

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PODCAST: The Backseat Mogul Show

making-of-dancing-with-the-stars (15)

The Silver Snails were the featured artist on the March 2nd episode of the Backseat Mogul podcast, with R. Scott Bolton #288.

About the The Backseat Mogul Show: “The Backseat Mogul Show is a weekly, one-hour talk show featuring news, reviews and talk about all aspects of showbiz. Join host R. Scott Bolton as he discusses movies, music, television and more. Each show also features a new or upcoming artist or band.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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PODCAST: Erk FM International from Australia


‘Temple Princess’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ were played as part of the ERK FM International podcast.

About ERK FM: “Erk hosts a weekly music podcast called Erk FM dedicated to music and features about an hour’s worth of music per episode. It is produced in Sydney, Australia. It features a wide range of music from across the world.”

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