Video: Ave Maria a Zio Virgilio


Uncle Virgilio was a tough old farmer, humble and devout, who worked 12 hour days under the sun while fasting and listening to ‘Radio Maria’. His weathered face was illuminated by that light that genuinely worshipful people sometimes carry. The song is a requiem for him.

The Chorus features our friends Filippo (also our video director), Erika ‘the Voice’ Tozzi, Giampiero Vincenzi, Emanuela
Degli Angeli. The accordion solo is a duel between Giampiero and our friend Samuele Loretucci of ‘Ballaonda’.

The weird language is Sanskrit, featuring our un-schooled renderings of three favorite verses from the Bhagavad-Gita, translated very roughly as follows (with apologies to the learned);

Chapter 18, Verse 61: ‘In the heart of all living things resides the Supreme Lord, O Arjuna, causing each of them to spin and reel like carousels, as if by magic’

Chapter 16, Verse 21: ‘The three doorways to Hell are lust, anger, and greed. These are extremely damaging and must be abandoned at all

Chapter 8, Verse 5: ‘One who remembers [the Lord] at the moment of death upon relinquishing the body becomes united with Me. Of this there is no doubt.’

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Podcast For Peace

The Silver Snails - Cover Art

‘Dancing With The Stars’ was featured as part of the excellent Podcast For Peace. Check it out.

About the Podcast for Peace: ‘This podcast is all about world peace. It features an eclectic mix of pop or rock and everything else from religious to anti-war, piano solos to blues and Irish Ballads. The common thread is that they are all passionate and heartfelt; authentic. Topics usually are peace, of course, or love or brotherhood of humanity and even astrology.’

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