Video: Danza dei Foulard – ‘The Scarf Dance’


Danza dei Foulard does not follow conventional song format, consisting instead of three separate instrumental modules spliced together like ‘dreams-within-a-dream’.

The recipe for this piece, as channeled by Elisa direct from our Signora, called for a Buddha-bar style dress-up of a traditional Irish medley, (Paddy’s Return/Willie Coleman’s/Up in the Air) embedded within an original tune, and containing a third melody nested in the middle.

The Irish track was performed with heart by Bertinoro’s own Gioele Sindona on violin and the exotic Nickelharp. The rest was realized by Lucas on keyboards with help from Andrea Spadaro. The Opening and Closing theme is ‘Noemi-chan’ a keyboard sketch inspired by our Beijing-based niece, Noemi. The slow jam in the middle is another original sketch called ‘Solar Senator’.

We think of ‘Foulard’ as an impressionistic soundtrack for the music video (see video below), which features Jasmine as a sort of ‘Alice’ dancing and practicing martial arts with costumed children in an enchanted dream forest.

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Video: Dances with the Stars


Lai Lai Lai… Inspired by Jasmine and Celeste, Dancing with the Stars attempts to convey the unconveyable awe a father feels at the miracle of children.

This song is our answer to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Lucas, Elisa, Jasmine, and Giampiero ‘Jean’ Vincenzi all join voices in a family chorus. We are grateful for the bedrock rhythm section of ‘Guru’ Luca Nanni on drum, and ‘Mago’ Danilo Fiorucci on bass.

The music video starts with Silver Snails’ official astrofile, Nonno Rino, who first spotted the ‘Galactic Angel’ in the vicinity of Orion with the assistance of his homemade telescope and a bottle of San Giovese.

The video represents Rino’s (and the rest of our) film debut.

Shot from Orion on Yoshimi (‘happiness’), the flying baby grand, the Silver Snails land in Romagna to collect their daughters.

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